HS Fairytale Illumination Spray

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HS Fairytale Illumination  Spray is a combination of sun protection, moisturising cream, primer and whitening which does not require make-up removal. The use of top-level small molecule color technology not only deeply isolates external UV, dust, pollution and other undesirable factors, but also instantly creates a clean and sleek perfect whitening makeup, and has NLAB patented technology, where make-up removal is not necessary so that it is convenient and burden-free. In addition, the product's microcapsule penetration technology allows the XX moisturizing factor, perilla whitening essence and resveratrol essence in the product to penetrate deep into the skin cells and deeply inhibit the formation of melanin. The sunscreen also promotes the skin's after-sun repair, leaving the skin comfortable all day long. While quickly creating snowy skin, long-term use can make the skin truly white easily.

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